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Penis Milking - Tools: Hands

OK, One more video of expert ‘hand-tool’ usage.   Again, the milking expert, very very deliberately,  slides her hand all the way up and around the head of the boys penis while varying her grip and alternating  which hand she pumps with as well.     

Penis Milking - Tools: Hands

Here is another great Penis Milking video featuring expert hand-tool usage (giggle).     Take note of the various hand techniques used.   She also, very deliberately i might add, slides her hand(s) up and over the head of the boys penis while varying her grip, sometimes gentle, sometimes tight, even when he ejaculates for her.   

Penis Milking - Tools: The Most Important Tool Of All!

Silly Me… My previous post, Penis Milking - Tools, I failed to mention the most important tool of all…    Can you guess what it might be?  HMMM… Well….   Go on, guess….  I’ll wait if you need a minute or two to ‘thunk’ about it…  he he he he …. (giggles)…  (Jeopardy! theme music playing …. ) DING!!! OK, Time’s up!!!     If you answered ‘What are ‘Hands’?’, You win today’s Daily Double!      

Yes, Hands.  The hands of one who is an expert penis milker, that is.   This particular tool can be implemented in so many wonderful ways.    Here are some very simple and very effective ‘hand’ techniques:

  • Holding it.   I know, sounds, well, so obvious, right? Gently holding a boys erect penis actually be quite stimulating and even fun.   And when combined with other very simple ‘handling’ techniques (described below) can produce very, VERY positive results.  
  • Squeeze IT.   YA, SQUEEZE that sucker! … err I mean penis.  I have found that varying your grip and the placement of the hand works best in most cases. Example:  start with some gentle squeezing then tighten your grip, squeezing tighter as you continue.   And, every two or three squeezes, relax your grasp around the shaft and change the position of your hand, then continue squeezing etc…  You want to squeeze at various places including around the base of the shaft and the head of the penis as well.    
  •  Finger Tips.    Gently press the tip of your index finger against the penis, I like to start right on the head.   Then, slowly, gently slide your finger tip along the shaft and and head.   This is also a great way to apply a nice coating of baby oil the the penis as well.   Another good variation is to use your thumb and index finger to hold and squeeze the shaft and especially the head.  

The Milking Expert in the video demonstrates great squeezing variation.   When she is ready for the boy the ejaculate, while pumping his shaft with one hand, with the other hand she firmly grasps his penis right around the head.   This technique will typically results in very intense and high degree of stimulation.  

Penis Milking - Tools

It has come to my attention recently that in all of my posts on penis milking I have not mentioned anything about milking tools.    So … HERE WE GOOO …. :)

Milking Tools are a great way to enhance training and milking sessions.   A Milking Tool is simply defined as anything used to on the penis to increase or enhance stimulation.    For example, penis masturbation sleeve’s, gloves and erection rings are considered Milking Tools.   

Pictured above are three of my favorite Milking Tools.

Masturbation Glove:   This is not for the faint of heart.   This is a latex / rubber glove that is covered with long latex/rubber spikes.   The Women In Authority or Therapist would us this along with generous amounts of baby oil to masturbate a boys penis.   The long rubbery spikes will provide an extreme amounts stimulation.  

Penis Masturbation Sleeves:   These will also provide extreme stimulation.   There quite a wide variety of this type of tool available on the market today.   Pictured above are two that I prefer to use.    The first one has been marketed under several names but is most widely know as the ‘Head Honcho Masturbator’.   This is a great Milking Tool, it is made of soft jelly material and has a textured interior.  But what I feel is the best feature about this one is that it is closed-ended which provides a nice ‘suction’ effect on the penis.     And last but certainly not least, is the ‘Hand Job Stroker’.    This also is a great Milking tool.   It is made of soft jelly material and the interior has hundreds of small soft spikes or nubs to stimulate the penis.    

I Highly recommend use of all of these for penis milking and ejaculation control training.   

Happy Milking :)

I have a husband and two very healthy boys and no daughter to help me be the woman in authority. I eat a lot of cum. actually, I have become addicted to the power of consuming (make a baby juice). Is there a product, a spice, or a food that I can feed my guys to change the flavor of there cum. Instead of the same old, you know, maybe rosemary monday, taco tuesday, you know what I mean. And by the way, I love the smell of my guys cum when I enter the house.what do you use to hide it.

Thank You For Your Question :)

Actually, there is.    However…  It will take a while to work and does not always work for everyone.   Have your boys eat… Celery, yes you heard me, Celery, and lots of it.   Consuming celery has been known to change the taste of a boys cum.   They will have to eat a lot of it, several stalks every day… at least.   It  will be about 3 months or so before any change, if any will be noticed.   

Remember:  This is not a sure-fire guaranteed method, however it is the only documented method that has actually produced a positive result.  


User Submitted - Masturbation Therapy

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Here we see 2 people who are in the Outreach Program. This is an organization that matches Women who want to be in authority over males needing authority figures. The first couple of meeting she will watch and observe as he masturbates asking questions. If they gell together She will take a hands on approach. 

Penis Milking  And Ejaculation Control Training

Here is a really wonderful example of ejaculation control training performed by a real expert in the field.

The training specialist has applied a generous amount of penis oil (baby  oil) to her trainee’s erect penis making it very slick and slippery.   Her training technique is actually quite simple but very effective.   She takes hold of his penis with tight grip and pumps nice and FAST!   She will pump his penis, stop for just a few brief seconds, then resume her fast pumping.   The process of starting and stopping is repeated until the boy is no longer able to hold his cum and must release it for her.    

 Also notice that when  the boy finally does ejaculate our specialist continues her pumping and maintains her tight grip around his penis.

Is there anything wrong with kneeling before your wife's best friend and masturbating for her?

Thank You For Your Question

To answer your question - Well, it depends.   Do you have permission to masturbate for your Wife’s friend?  Permission from your Wife and Her Friend and, if you have one, your Masturbation Therapist, would be absolutely REQUIRED first.   Upon obtaining the proper authorization and permission as required then yes this would be just fine.    

Is your Wife planning on making her Friend a designated Woman In Authority over you (and your penis)?   Also, will your Wife be present?   I would recommend that she be present and show her friend what to do when supervising your masturbation, and especially when and how to administer discipline with the penis ruler.    

The Ten Commandments - The Board Of Corrective Women
This is a MUST READ for all my followers … :) 
The Board Of Corrective Women - Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments - The Board Of Corrective Women

This is a MUST READ for all my followers … :)

The Board Of Corrective Women - Ten Commandments

Ejaculation Control Training - Sister

Here is a great example of ejaculation control training.   In this the boy is about half way through an intensive 6 month ejaculation control training program.   This training session is being conducted by the boys older sister.    She has applied some penis oil (baby oil) to his erection making it nice and slippery.   Notice the techniques used:  she slips her hand down gently holding his balls while feeling his penis.   She grips and hold his erection in various ways; some gentle, some tight.   Also notice in the second half of the clip how she gently feels and touches his balls and the various ways she grips his penis.  And pay close attention near the end of the clip when he ejaculates, notice how she holds his penis and holds and uses fingertips on his balls.