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Penis Milking  And Ejaculation Control Training

Here is a really wonderful example of ejaculation control training performed by a real expert in the field.

The training specialist has applied a generous amount of penis oil (baby  oil) to her trainee’s erect penis making it very slick and slippery.   Her training technique is actually quite simple but very effective.   She takes hold of his penis with tight grip and pumps nice and FAST!   She will pump his penis, stop for just a few brief seconds, then resume her fast pumping.   The process of starting and stopping is repeated until the boy is no longer able to hold his cum and must release it for her.    

 Also notice that when  the boy finally does ejaculate our specialist continues her pumping and maintains her tight grip around his penis.

Is there anything wrong with kneeling before your wife's best friend and masturbating for her?

Thank You For Your Question

To answer your question - Well, it depends.   Do you have permission to masturbate for your Wife’s friend?  Permission from your Wife and Her Friend and, if you have one, your Masturbation Therapist, would be absolutely REQUIRED first.   Upon obtaining the proper authorization and permission as required then yes this would be just fine.    

Is your Wife planning on making her Friend a designated Woman In Authority over you (and your penis)?   Also, will your Wife be present?   I would recommend that she be present and show her friend what to do when supervising your masturbation, and especially when and how to administer discipline with the penis ruler.    

The Ten Commandments - The Board Of Corrective Women
This is a MUST READ for all my followers … :) 
The Board Of Corrective Women - Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments - The Board Of Corrective Women

This is a MUST READ for all my followers … :)

The Board Of Corrective Women - Ten Commandments

Ejaculation Control Training - Sister

Here is a great example of ejaculation control training.   In this the boy is about half way through an intensive 6 month ejaculation control training program.   This training session is being conducted by the boys older sister.    She has applied some penis oil (baby oil) to his erection making it nice and slippery.   Notice the techniques used:  she slips her hand down gently holding his balls while feeling his penis.   She grips and hold his erection in various ways; some gentle, some tight.   Also notice in the second half of the clip how she gently feels and touches his balls and the various ways she grips his penis.  And pay close attention near the end of the clip when he ejaculates, notice how she holds his penis and holds and uses fingertips on his balls.   

Does it help having a female family member with you while having masturbation therapy?

Thank You for your question!

Yes, indeed it does help to have a female family member present during Masturbation Therapy.    There are many reasons for this, I’ll list some that I feel are the most important:

  • Training the female family member so she can better fulfill her role as a Female In Authority.   
  • Education and Information:  Her presence affords a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and learn more about boys masturbation habits and why Masturbation Therapy is needed.
  • Learn about new techniques to use at home.

The following is a great example that touches on all three reasons listed above.   This example illustrates how I had obtained some information from a young boy during a therapy session that turned out to be very useful not only to myself, but his Aunt and older Sister that just happened to be present:  

While conducting a typical Masturbation Therapy session with a young boy who was accompanied by his Aunt and older Sister:  As usual, I started our session by examining and measuring the boys fully erect penis.   As I inspected and measured his penis I could not help but notice how doing so really excited and stimulated the boy making his erection become incredibly stiff and swollen.   I had noticed a similar response to this during our two previous sessions as well.   So upon noticing it this time, with out even thinking about it, I said ‘hmmm you really like having your penis examined and measured don’t you sweetie?’.   He just smiled and looked down at the floor, I could tell he was a little embarrassed by my comment.   I smiled at him then noticed how his sister tried not to giggle but just could not help herself and let out a couple of short muffled giggles anyhow.    I said ‘Oh it’s OK sweetie’ as I placed my hand on his shoulder to reassure him.   ‘You really like having your penis examined and measured, I can tell… Just look at that nice stiff erection you have for me now…’.  I gently slid my hand from his shoulder down to his penis, then I placed my index finger right on the very tip of the head.  I pushed it down a bit with my finger then let it slip off.   His penis sprang up making a loud ‘smack’ as it hit his tummy.   We all let out a giggle or two just then and his Sister even said ‘WOW It’s really hard „,’.   I continued asking a more questions regarding this particular topic and revealed that he does enjoy having his penis examined and measured…    

This information most likely would not have been obtained without my bringing up the subject and inquiring about it during therapy.   I recommended to his Aunt and Sister that they include more of this kind of activity whenever and provided a few suggestions on how to do this as well.   And I found ways to include more penis examining and measuring during therapy sessions as well.    I think that doing so really helped out great deal.  

Thanks again for the great question. :)

Milking Technique - Fast Pumping with Hand Twist

When milking a boys penis your technique is very important.  Milking Techniques fall into three basic categories from which all other can be derived:

  • Fast Pumping
  • Slow Pumping
  • Touching

Obviously these categories are simple and self explanatory :)  However techniques one can derive from them are, well, lets just say to numerous to even begin to list them :)    

This video demonstrates one of the most effective milking techniques and is one of my own personal favorites: Fast Pumping with Hand Twist.  Featured is a very sexy and talented Milking Specialist.  Watch this short instructional clip very closely and carefully.  Pay attention to her hand as she pumps the boy’s penis, notice how she turns or twists her hand.  

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I will be posting more penis milking demonstration clips soon…

A Faithfull Follower Comment

Thank You for your comment…

Yes it is so refreshing to see males being manipulated at any time and any place if the Women In Authority deem it necessary. Its an ordinary day and they can be played with whilst watching television or whilst doing the washing up.

They have to learn that what hey thought was their penises are not their own but owned by the Women of the family.

Its good in this particular instant that the son is larger than the father. No eadapus complexes here. The son can see his father is smaller than him as they are wanked together. the father can take pride in his sons development as regards his genitals.  

So True..

Quit often what you mention occurs.   Mom’s their Daughters that are designated as Women In Authority often describe these types of activities in the masturbation logs and discussed at length during Masturbation Therapy sessions.

I have found that boys, especially younger boys, after being under supervision for a short time, not only do they really enjoy supervised masturbation, but also like things like showing their erections or simply having their penis measured.  

I am male and I like phone sex I do masturbate does that make me achronic masturbater

Good Question…

You should consult a Professional Masturbation Therapist, or as an alternative consult A Masturbatrix at for assistance or advice. :)

A Faithful Follower Comment

Our relationships with our siblings usually last longer than with our parents or our children. So its vital that a Sister is there to control her brother or brothers erections and masturbation. 

More Milking Tips and Tricks ….

Yes … more on penis milking, it’s just that important! 

The Woman in this video is truly a Master Masturbatrix.  I have previously  posted videos featuring this Woman demonstrating her expert penis milking skills, and this new video compilation captures her at her best!   

Things to take note of in this video:

  • Attention to detail: Just like most things it’s all about the details.  Not only does she keep her attention focused on the boys penis, but also on the level or degree of sexual excitement.   She does this by closely observing the boys penis AND by paying attention to how his penis feels in her hands at all times.   Notice how she just knows exactly when to interrupt or stop stimulation of the penis and controls exactly when he is to ejaculate.  
  • Her use of various techniques.   Watch as she expertly uses her talented hands to gently hold, caress and touch the boys penis causing him to ejaculate (at her command).   Then watch how she firmly grips the boys extremely stiff erection and mercilessly pumps it forcing one  uncontrollable spurt after another.   She also enjoys using the ‘ruined orgasm’ technique which she is undoubtedly a master.    

Enjoy the video, pay attention and … PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!