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Ejaculation Control Training with Sister

Here is a fine example of Ejaculation Control Training that includes many of the important elements mentioned in previous posts on this subject.   In this clip we have a young male that has been seeing a Masturbation Therapist for approximately six months and has just started a special six week ejaculation control training program as prescribed by his Masturbation Therapist.   The boy’s older sister has agreed to conduct all of the at-home practice and training, which is to say the least quite extensive.  The video was made during the second week of the program.  

Fixed Video

this was previously posted video that was broken and has been repaired.

Masturbation Therapy - Forced Penis Milking

Here is a video compilation of an expert Masturbation Therapist demonstrating her penis milking techniques. Forced penis milking is a vital part of ejaculation control training and must be strictly enforced by the therapist as well as the women that have been placed in authority over the male.

Fixed Video -

this was previously posted video that was broken and has been repaired.

Masturbation Therapy - Forced Penis Milking Therapy / Woman In Authority

Here is a video example of forced penis milking therapy. The male (age 17) is restrained and then vigorously masturbated and must beg to be allowed to ejaculate. An assigned ‘Woman In Authority’, who also happens to be his Aunt, is performing this milking session and camera is being operated by the Aunts daughter (age 17) and is also an assigned ‘Women In Authority’ over this male .

At about the half way point in this clip, The Aunt masturbates him with swift short strokes over the head of the penis; take note of how she adjusts her grip as she does this, she tightens her grip as she strokes upwards, then she loosens her grip on the downward stroke; also note how she uses very short quick strokes, keeping her hand around the head of his penis. This is a widely used ejaculation control technique, when done in short intervals, stopping when close to ejaculation, this is a very effective technique.

Forced Penis Milking Therapy

Here is a wonderful example of Forced Penis Milking Therapy.   The Milking Specialist masturbates the boy mercilessly with a nice tight grip around his penis.   Then if that is not enough, when she allows him to ejaculate she milks him by sliding her hand up and over the head of the boys penis which is extremely sensitive at this point.

NOTE: use the ‘play’ button in lower left of video player to avoid annoying pop-up.

Penis Milking - Ejaculation and Penis Control

Total control of the penis and ejaculation is very important when milking.  This video clip provides us with a great example of this technique.   Our Milking Specialist starts with some very deliberate and gentle stimulation  techniques.   Notice how she carefully slides her hand and fingers around and over the head making his erection become extremely rigid.   At all times she is very aware of how excited his penis has become.  Excitement levels can be determined in various ways, for instance: how his erection ‘feels’ in her hands; as the penis becomes more excited one should be able to feel it swelling and/or pulsing along with noticeable increases of rigidity or stiffness.  Another indication of increasing levels of excitement is ‘twitching’ or ‘jumping’; that is the penis will suddenly stiffen and stand up even more so than before.

After about three or four minutes of stimulation she is ready to begin pumping.  This milking she uses a very tried and true pumping technique that is commonly  referred to as the ‘stop-start’ technique.   The ‘start-stop’ technique is simply intervals of pumping (vigorously) then stopping, the duration of these start-stop intervals is completely at discretion of the Masturbation Therapist and/or the Milking Specialist. 

As the pumping progresses she must maintain her control of the penis.   She does this mainly by carefully adjusting her grasp around the penis and the duration of the start-stop intervals.   Also, while pumping, she gets her hand all the way up over the head of the penis.   This is just one reason why control of ones grip is so very important.   Along with grip control, she also makes adjustments to how fast she pumps, this is also very important.   

And finally, after several grueling minutes of pumping, she allows him to ejaculate.  This is important so I will repeat: she allows him to ejaculate. 



:)  Enjoy …

And Happy Milking Everyone !!

Penis Milking Specialist

Here is a great example of expert penis milking.   There are many things to take note of in this video so pay ATTENTION!  

Things to look for:

  • Body Language:  Notice how she keeps her attention focused on the boys penis while masturbating him.
  • Careful and deliberate stimulation of penis head.  
  • When he ejaculates for her, she continues to masturbate him making sure to get her hand up and over the head of his penis. 

Also note how she is always very aware of exactly how excited the boys penis is at all times.   She is in total control at times and he does not ejaculate until she is ready for him to do so.

Enforced Penis Milking

Here is a great example of disciplinary Penis Milking.   The boy is restrained and cannot move at all.   The Woman in Authority over him teases his erect penis making it become extremely stiff and hard.  Then she masturbates him mercilessly using her hands AS WELL as a penis masturbation sleeve.   Finally, She forces him to ejaculate and release a great deal of cum and continues to masturbate the boy vigorously to extract every last drop of cum from him. 

This is a great video!

Helping Hands At Home

The title says it all :}   Mom uses her son to instruct daughter and friend on proper penis handling technique.  

This video shows us some great examples of several key aspects of Masturbation Therapy and Penis Milking.   I also love how the Mom encourages the girls to engage in these kinds of activities.  

Great Question :)

A follower asks:

Boys who are just learning to masturbate, in fact all boys who are masturbating or being masturbating, need stimulating visual and vocal encouragement.  I believe that the masturbation therapist and women in authority should dress, posture and vocalize in a manner so as to excite the boy in the most stimulating way to produce the stiffest erections possible, thus the most powerful ejaculations and most pleasure possible.  ,Short skirts, sexy shoes, tiny and transparent panties coupled with see through blouses with no bra shouild provide good stimulation during the masturbation session.  These women should sit in front of the boy and expose themselves in provocative ways, allowing the masturbating boy to see their legs, panties and breasts.  They may cross their legs provocativley or bend over exposing their panty clad rears.  This exciting visual aid should be coupled with instructions on how the boy should stroke his penis and balls.  I believe clothing, posturing, and and detailed sexy masturbation instruction would rersult in an exciting and pleasurable masturbation session for all concerned.  What do you think?

Thank you for your submission…   Great observations and great Question :)

I totally agree.    All of the things mentioned are very important aspects of Masturbation Therapy, especially vocalizing and posturing ones self.  When A Woman  supervises a boys masturbating she should keep these things in mind because they can and will effect the performance of the boy being supervised.   These details may seem insignificant,  however when it comes to supervised masturbation, details count.  

When supervising :  

  • Be Attentive, Watch Him Closely.
  • Provide Positive Feedback.   When you are pleased with his masturbating, tell him so.   
  • Find out what he ‘likes’ and use that during supervised masturbation sessions.  Wear clothing that accentuates parts of the body that may excite him.   Allow him to view photos or videos that excite and stimulate him.    I often find it very helpful to provide photos or videos while supervising.   The real trick is getting the boy to feel comfortable enough to tell you these things.  
  • I cannot stress this enough, so I’ll say it again:  Be Attentive! 

What can I do to be more attentive, you ask?

  • Site close to him.  Directly in front of him or, right beside him.    I have found that sitting as close as possible regardless of whether you are directly in front or at his side can really make a difference.   If you are close to one another he will easily see that you can in deed see his erect penis and observing his masturbating.   Also, this allows the Woman that is supervising to use some form of physical contact as a means of encouragement. 
  •    Press you body against his.
  •   Softly rub his back with your hand.
  •   Simply place your hand on his leg. 
  • Speak to him while he masturbates for you.    Instruct him exactly how you want him to masturbate.   Tell him how well he is doing.  Equally as important, tell him when he is not masturbating properly (as instructed) and correct him.  

Thanks for your submission.  I WILL post more about this soon. :)


Pictured above:  A Woman In Authority is about  to supervise her younger cousin.    Notice how her her attitude and willingness can be sensed in this photo.   Also note her proximity to the boy, she is nice and close so she can clearly see him.   And, in case you are wondering what it is she is holding in her left hand,   that is a special tool used for penis milking.   When the boy is ready to (allowed to) ejaculate, she will slip this device over the head of the boys penis and gently masturbate him as he ejaculates.   The device fits snugly over the head and upper part of the penis and when properly used it will help to extract the maximum amount of cum from him.  

hi, i am waiting for some new posts i like your blog very much and hope that you will resume your work... by the way i dont know if you may have postet some free masturbation therapy sites... my question is are there any or is cock control the only ("unfree") possibility???? i am looking for e.g. e-mail tasks and especially for "anonym" supervised masturbation.... thx for some suggestions...

thank you for your support :) 

Sorry for the delays on posting.  I am So. California dealing with fires-n-floods-n-such past couple weeks…  :)   Along with all the weather related stuff i have been busy with some new ‘trainees’ that have been  needing me (and my hands) quite a lot lately as well.   My hands and arms have been getting some good work-outs past few weeks while tending to them … giggle :) 

I appreciate everyone’s patience and I will be posting lots of new stuff very soon I promise! is a good starting point.  They offer quite a wide variety of masturbation training and orgasm control training programs.   They network of www sites that cover just about every aspect of masturbation training and control.   You should go to ‘s front page and scroll down a bit.   You will find links that describe many of the different types of masturbation training programs and  links to many of their other sites.   They offer programs that include phone, email, texting along with  masturbation assignments and essays written by the Masturbatrixes.  All of the Masturbatrixes and Therapists have their own blogs in the cockcontrol network that cater to just about every niche you could imagine.    You will find many free mp3 audios and photos and lots if great information there as well.  

here are a few links to some of sites in their network:

explore these links.  the sites in their network cross-link with each other so you should be able to find what you are looking for without to much trouble after you browsing around for a short time.   :)

have fun ;}