Masturbation Therapy
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Hello. I am a single mom and I have a 17 year old son who used to masturbate up to 6-7 times a day when he was 14. That was when I decided to buy a chastity cage for his cock and keep him locked at all times. Since then I have been letting him have a full orgasm only once a month, other than that I or his sister ruin his orgasms daily. Because he's going to be 18 soon do you think I should free him from his chastity permanently or talk him into sticking to the schedule we have ?

I would recommend that you begin a strict regiment of supervised masturbation therapy.   First let me say this:  use of the chastity cage is good and should be continued.   Next: put him on a masturbation schedule.  This schedule should be STRICTLY ENFORCED.    when he is locked in the chastity cage and the sister is present, present sister with a key to the chastity cage, now both you and sister are the only ones that have a key to the chastity cage.    At this time you will now explain to the boy that - First he is on a strict masturbation schedule.  Second - explain all ,… ALL erections, masturbating and ejaculations will be STRICTLY controlled by yourself and sister.  This means any AND ALL erections must be reported by the boy to Mother and Sister.   All masturbating must be scheduled and APPROVED by Mother and Sister.   and finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY ALL ejaculations must be scheduled and approved my Mother and Sister.     That’s just for starters.   Other conditions and rules should be based on those first two rules and  strictly enforced.   I would suggest discipline be administered with a wooden ruler (penis ruler).   

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